Guidance on Award Amounts


Solutions will be reviewed at three funding tiers: catalyst, mid-range, and large awards. Solutions requesting larger awards are expected to have more existing technology and active users. Final award amounts will be at the discretion of the judges and competition organizers.

The awards will be distributed in two installments: first, when the winners are announced, and the second, after the Product Review Day and the showing of satisfactory progress. 

Applicants should determine their funding tier based on the following criterion:

  • Catalyst Prizes: Up to $25,000
    These prizes are aimed at new entrants, including students, teachers, civic technologists, or those who need that initial spark of support to get started. To be competitive for a small prize, participants must have:

    • A detailed description of the proposed tool or technology.
    • A plan for execution that addresses scale, equity, effectiveness, and learning engineering.
  • Mid-Range Prizes: $25,000 – $100,000 
    These prizes will be aimed at smaller platforms or new entrants with a strong pre-identified team and clear plan for execution. To be competitive for a mid-range prize, participants must have:

    • Everything for a catalyst prize, including a plan for learning engineering.
    • An existing technology or tool that has a demonstrated infrastructure and robust group of active users. 
  • Large Prize: $100,000 – $250,000  
    These prizes are aimed at large-scale, existing platforms who have an idea that could impact a large number of their users. To be competitive for a large prize, participants must have:

    • Everything for a mid-range prize, including a plan for learning engineering.
    • Existing platform or tool with at least 25,000 active users.
    • A solution that could positively impact a large population, or multiple regions around the world.
    • Proof of success producing a tool, technology, or dataset of a similar scale in education or another field. 

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