Global Response to COVID-19

As countries, organisations, and families grapple with the crisis, the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student learning will likely remain unknown for decades. But past school closures have indicated that math literacy is most likely to slide. Additionally, regions that were already experiencing poor education outcomes and high rates on illiteracy will be all the more vulnerable to learning loss. Additionally, the youngest learners and those on the cusp of graduating or matriculating will be impacted more extensively in the long term.

Against such monumental challenges, governments, schools, organizations, and edtech stakeholders have mobilized to offer innovative solutions at scale. Agencies have partnered with private companies to develop mixed-media approaches. Edtech platforms have rapidly accelerated the production and distribution of new functionalities, including the capacity to live stream classed.

Such energy toward innovation has been targeted closing the digital divide. Since more of the world’s population has access to SMS and mobile devices than the internet, countries have pursued solutions where students could use mobile devices to access learning platforms and apps. Additionally, regions have mobilized their media networks to broadcast educational content via radio or television.

This acceleration of innovation in the face of crisis has created fertile ground for new partnerships, synergies, and solutions. The Futures Forum on Learning seeks to harness the rapid developments already taking shape across the globe and scale their impact to support all students.


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